In-Situ Oceanographic Research Equipment

Eric Lindstrom

Program Scientist
NASA Headquarters

Dr. Lindstrom has degrees in Earth and Planetary Sciences and Physical Oceanography from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Washington, respectively. His scientific interests include circulation of the ocean and air-sea exchange processes. Read more about Dr. Lindstrom here.

Webinar Clip
Dr. Lindstrom briefly explains the complex features of the sensor web used during SPURS (Salinity Process In the Upper Ocean Regional Study) and their function within the web. He talks about the technology used in each of them (many use satellite-tracking) and the kinds of data that can be collected from them.

Full webinar: From Sailing Ships to Satellites: Studying Salinity Through a Sensor Web

Click here for a transcript of this clip (PDF, 43.9 KB).

Applicable Science Standards
  • Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking. In both science and engineering, mathematics and computation are fundamental tools for representing physical variables and their relationships. They are used for a range of tasks such as constructing simulations; solving equations exactly or approximately; and recognizing, expressing, and applying quantitative relationships.