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Aquarius Salinity and Wind Retrieval Using the CAP Algorithm and Application to Water Cycle Observation in the Indian Ocean and Subcontinent
Yueh, S., Wenqing, T., Fore, A., Hayashi, J.C.A., Lagerloef, G., Jackson, T., and Bindlish, R. (17-Sep-15)

Aquarius is a combined passive/active L-band microwave instrument developed to map the ocean surface salinity field from space [1]. The primary science objective of this mission is to monitor the seasonal and interannual variation of the large scale features of the surface salinity field in the open ocean with a spatial resolution of 150 km and a retrieval accuracy of 0.2 psu globally on a monthly basis. The measurement principle is based on the response of the L-band (1.413 GHz) sea surface brightness temperatures to sea surface salinity.