Mission Status & Events

Update from Aquarius PI Gary Lagerloef: V3.0 Data Release and Upcoming Events

1. Aquarius Data Version 3.0 is almost here! Presently we are planning the release in two weeks, Friday April 4. A [final] test run is underway now and will be checked next week. Thanks for your patience. We are almost there....

2. Aquarius/SAC-D/OSST Science Team Meeting will be 11-14 November 2014 in Seattle. Please mark your calendars now. The first announcement flyer will be circulated in the next month or so. The meeting will coincide with the end of NASA's 3-year prime mission, and much of the meeting agenda will focus on the scientific achievements of these first three years, validating the mission science requirements, and plans for extended mission science.

3. Eric Lindstrom and I are planning a Fall AGU special session on the scientific accomplishments from the Aquarius 3-year prime mission. If you are thinking of proposing a special session involving Aquarius data, PLEASE confer with us in advance so we can avoid duplication and conflicts.