Education: The Role of Salt

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Compare the basic properties of fresh and salt water (e.g., density, ability to dissolve salt, freezing point) (NSES,134,160; OLS,10)
Explain that evaporation can separate the water from the salt in salt water (NSES,127; NAAEE,16; OLS,13)
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Concept Map: Phases of Water Understand various forms that water can take
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Concept Map: Heat Capacity Learn how heat affects water
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Concept Map: Hydrologic Cycle Make connections with the water cycle
What Role Does Salt Play in the Basic Properties of Water?
A defining characteristic of ocean water is its relatively high concentration of dissolved salts or salinity. These concept maps, activities and videos focus on relationships between salt and water, including water properties, phases, heat capacity and the hydrologic cycle. These resources will help to organize information into meaningful patterns that students can use for future problem solving. The interlinked concept maps are provided to illustrate that salinity-related processes do not exist in isolation: each depends on its relationships to others for broader meaning (i.e., square concepts provide direct links to other maps in the series).

Featured Concept Map: Properties of Water

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